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Gentle Dentistry

Dental Practice St Johns WoodBeing gentle of hand and minimising discomfort by administering painless and effective injections are important techniques in themselves but gentle dentistry in this context refers to the whole manner in which we approach your treatment.


Prevention, minimal intervention and taking the long term view form the bedrock of our philosophy.


Let's take for example a new patient who presents with an acute crisis which may have been developing over many years. We realize that many patients will have neither the time nor the funds to be able to undertake a full program of restoration in the short term. However, if we can deal with the immediate crisis gently, kindling a relationship and level of trust… then, in the future we can steer that individual steadily towards dental fitness and long term stability.


This approach has yielded huge benefits and improvements in the dental health of many of those who have been with us now for 20 or even 30 years.